Due to a full caseload, Adam is currently unable to see new patients/clients. If you are a new client seeking an appointment, please schedule with Rafael and/or Meta. Feel free to reach out to us at hello@tendbodyworks.com with any questions as well.

Physical Therapy

Body Therapy

Process-oriented bodywork. We work with many skills including somatic education, craniosacral therapy, manual manipulation, and movement practices to blend a session to each client's needs and wants.

I work from the perspective that health and well-being are not a fixed state but rather a dynamic process. We are influenced, but not defined, by our pain and conditions. It’s fascinating to me to explore what affects our state of being and how we can influence it. The way we relate to our sensations and how we inhabit our body greatly influences our state of well-being; this understanding drives the way I work with clients.

I am trained as a body therapist and am a dedicated mover and dancer. I am passionate about the practice of body awareness and therapeutic touch. Whether recovering from an injury, dealing with a chronic condition, or working through a habitual way of moving or being, I help people unwind physiological patterns using integrative bodywork. My clients expand their skills of embodiment and our collaborative work supports shifts in how they experience their body to encompass greater health and comfort even within adversity.

I’ve always been fascinated by the experience of my body; I’ve explored and played through various modalities and methods. In 2012 I had an influential personal healing experience with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and my bodywork focus shifted and expanded to use this gentle yet profound modality. Biodynamic Craniosacral uses attuned non-doing touch - a touch that witness’s without agenda, honors the natural healing process and wisdom of the body, and relates to the whole person.

I’m a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Ilan lev Method Practitioner. My work is informed by my movement and meditation practices. If you’re interested in having support in your dynamic and unique process of health and well-being, I would be honored to join you in your journey.

I work from the perspective that health and well-being are not a fixed state but rather a dynamic... Read More

I love teaching others how to problem solve issues that arise in their own body. It is an incredibly profound and empowering experience. There is a great saying in the field of physical therapy when it comes to describing the relationship between practitioner and patient as having “trust without dependence.” To me, this allows for a strong partnership to reach goals and tools to maintain gains made during our sessions.

My training in the helping professions began in college at SUNY New Paltz where I was trained in crisis management. I strengthened my ability to listen and hold space for people going through incredibly difficult times in their life. As I moved through my education, I recognized the utmost importance of our physical fitness in allowing us to make the changes needed to work through those hard times. It made perfect sense to pursue a combination of these methods with physical therapy. I received my doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University after years of intense challenges. The strenuous academic and physical work needed to graduate and be licensed has helped me realize the true resolve of the human body and mind.

Beginning in school, I found a passion for understanding the complexities of chronic pain and teaching others how to recognize what our bodies are trying to convey when our discomfort prevents us from enjoying life. After graduating, I continued taking courses centered around the physiology and treatment of chronic pain through the Institute of Clinical Excellence. I have reinforced those studies by learning expert hands-on techniques with the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT).

I am always excited to create and continue strong bonds made in our sessions. Through manual bodywork and individualized prescriptive movements, we will help you to find the highest version of yourself and restore you to living your best life.

I love teaching others how to problem solve issues that arise in their own body. It is an incredi... Read More

I see injury as the body’s inability to fully absorb life’s stresses. Although such stresses may seem isolated – like a broken bone or pulled tendon – the factors that predispose us to injury, as well as the long-term effects that injuries can have, are not reducible to a single muscle or joint. A body is the sum total of complex relationships between complex systems: healing from and preventing injury requires an understanding of these complexities from as many angles as possible. That’s where I come in.

I have been interested in bodywork and movement studies since an early age. As a child I was an avid martial artist and athlete, practicing karate, wrestling, aikido, soccer, and hockey. When at age 17 I was told by a doctor that a knee injury was so severe I would never run or play sports again, it galvanized me to formally study rehab and so that I would be able to heal myself. Later, while attending Physical Therapy school at Northeastern University, I met an influential teacher of Chinese martial arts and somatics that would change my way of thinking forever. I became fascinated with the intersection of traditional embodiment practices and current Western scientific research. I am passionate about fusing these traditional and current approaches, both for my own life and in my work with others.

Ultimately, the most important part of my work is helping my clients develop empowered relationships to their bodies. It’s no secret that our hectic modern lifestyles put our bodies under stress, and unless we plan on dropping out of civilization altogether, we need strategies to keep our bodies healthy and grounded in our current context. I see myself as a collaborator with my clients, working with them to situate their healing strategies around the demands of their individual lives. In this way, my clients deepen their knowledge and intuition of their own bodies, developing skills they can continue to cultivate and use to keep themselves well outside of my practice.

I see injury as the body’s inability to fully absorb life’s stresses. Although such stresses may ... Read More

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